We will take care of your assignment from start to finish; from analysing your problem to the assembly and even instructing your personnel. You will have nothing to worry about.


Customised installations are our speciality. We offer solutions for specific requirements that standard products canít meet.

Constructed in-house

Both the construction and overhaul of the machines takes place entirely in-house; from the drawing board to completion. We have everything under control, guaranteeing quality.


Our offer forms the foundation for customised installation. Advice applicable to your situation, fully aimed at optimising your production.

Used machines

Overhauls are the core of our success. Used machines that have been completely overhauled until they meet our requirements and your wishes: quality for an attractive price.

From standard machines to customisation!

You want to optimise your production process and are looking for the party to make it possible. GTC is the specialist in the field of installations, especially counterflow coolers, for the compound feed industry, amongst others. As well as standard machinery we also provide specialist customised installations. Fully developed and constructed to meet your wishes and requirements. Tell us what you need and we will get to work!